Saturday, December 29, 2012


It didn't seem necessary to blog anything before this because the information is already out there on the blog.  However, I, and thousands of others, received a group e-mail from indicating that we should spread out the number of boxes we send off as well as the size.  Why?  When things go to an FOB, there is very little room to store pantry items or medicinal stuff.  So, from what I could gather from that group e-mail, the best size box to send to an FOB particularly, is the large (which isn't really that large) 'anything that fits' box at the Post Office.  Also, the suggestion was that boxes be spread out and sent all year long because the plethora of Christmas boxes can be over-whelming in certain hard to reach areas.  So, in case you didn't get this information, I thought it best to pass it on.  As always, check out, which is a most wonderful website to get names of military personnel who would like boxes of goodies and supplies.  The individuals will blog what they need and would most appreciate.
   On another note, much to my surprise, I received an answer from one of this holiday season's recipients: a First Lieutenant.  He was amazing in that he took the time and effort to write.  He said that it warms the hearts of his men to receive even just cards! So, all that folks are doing does do a great deal of good for our military personnel.
   My husband and I wish you all a wonderful and HEALTHY 2013!  If you are reading this, you won't forget our military that stands watch for all of us - the 99% who are not on the line.  GOD BLESS THEM ALL. 

Adria, Mama-Schu, General Mama and the Wool Warriors

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